Get Beautifully Organized! New Notepads

New personalized notepad collection at Expressionery

Oh So Organized: Notes Desk Notepad, Linear Large Notepad, Sassy Small Notepad |

Your “to-do” list never looked so good!
We’ve just launched a new collection of personalized notepads with over 100 boutique designs. Whether it’s for your desk at work, your kitchen at home, or on-the-go family scheduling, we have the styles that will keep you organized and look great at the same time.

Personalized notepads are a fun splurge that you’ll use everyday.
Here are some of our favorites:

Sometimes when you’re sitting at your desk with sticky notes and to-do lists everywhere, it’s organized chaos! Add some sophistication and order with our Elegant Pattern personalized notepads.
Elegant Pattern Desk Personalized Notepads |

Add some sophistication to your desk. Elegant Pattern Desk Notepads |

These personalized notepads make it easy for you to stay on top of all your projects and tasks even on your busiest days.
To-Do List Large Personalized Notepads |

Your to-do list just got better looking. To-Do List Large Notepads |

Our Photo Montage Notepads help you to remember what life is really about when you’re making all those lists.
Photo Montage Desk Personalized Notepads |

The reason you are making all these lists! Photo Montage Desk Notepads |

These vivid notepads will organize & brighten everyday.
Weekly Grid Small Personalized Notepads |

Keep it colorful! Weekly Grid Small Notepads |

And these weekly Groceries personalized notepads make meal planning a snap.
Grocery and Meal Planning Notepads

Meal planning made fabulous. Groceries Desk Notepads |

If you’re starting to think about gifts for the holidays, personalized notepads make a fabulous gift for all your friends at work. Personalized notepads are perfect for everyone from your boss to your admin. It’s an easy way to inject some personal style into the workplace.

Our Favorite Stamps

Our Favorite Stamp Designs

Our Favorite Stamps! |

It was tough, but we did it.

Out of over 300 designs, we hand-picked our favorite custom stamps and put them in a special collection to make finding the perfect address stamp super simple.

This curated collection of stamp designs gives you a chic way of customizing all your correspondence. And with our new on-screen preview, you can see your personalization and approve the layout before you put it in your cart. It’s our way of helping you ensure you’ve made the perfect mark.

You’ll find our favorite collection of 60 top-selling and gorgeous address stamp designs at Our Favorite Stamps on We love how the new preview technology lets us get creative and turn an address stamp into almost anything.
Banner Custom Stamp |

Banner Custom Stamp |

Banner Custom Stamp |

Banner Custom Stamp |

It was really hard to choose, so you might find us sneaking in new stamp designs every few days.

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Thank Out Loud (Not With A Text)

Better than a text

You’re better than a text

Trends may come and go, but saying ‘thank you’ will never go out of style.

We’ve all done it. Instead of writing a note, you shoot a quick text or email to someone to say thank you. Sure, you get your point across, but nothing quite compares to the joy of receiving a hand-written note.

Thank You for Kindness & Favors
You have so many people in your life that are there for you when you need them. Whether it’s helping you meet a deadline at work or taking the kids for a playdate when you need some “me” time, make sure the important people in your life know how much you appreciate them with a handwritten thank you note.
Occasions include whenever someone helps you with a special favor, provides emotional support or just needs a reminder of why they are important to you.

Gorgeous Stationery Makes “Thank You” Easy
Personalized stationery puts a classy touch on all Thank You notes. And every woman should have a beautiful set of cards ready to drop a note to a special someone. Flat cards make a short note breezy to write and folded cards give you more room to express your gratitude. Either way, keeping a custom set of note cards on your desk makes sharing sentiments convenient and easy.
Script Amour Flat Cards|

Script Amour Flat Cards|

Send your thank you note as soon as possible. Birthday and holiday gifts should be acknowledged within two weeks, and wedding gifts within a month.
Remember to make a specific reference to the gift that was received.

The thank you note is perhaps the most essential message you can write, only the love note can trump it. This small yet personal gesture will build stronger relationships with the important people in your life. Whether as a follow-up to an event, dinner party or gift, writing and sending thank you notes is worth getting in the habit of doing.

Countdown to Holiday Cards

For maximum cheer, get your holiday cards in the mail by December 1st

For maximum cheer, get your holiday cards in the mail by December 1st

We know, we know… your Halloween decorations are just going up! But it’s a good time to start thinking about your holiday cards. It’s not December yet, but it will be in five short weeks. (It sounds a lot closer when you put it that way!) Plus if you get your holiday cards done early, then it leaves more time for shopping! But don’t worry, we’ve made it very easy for you.

Make your holiday card list now.
Review your current holiday mailing list and add any new friends that you want to get a card. Go through your address book, contact lists and even your Facebook to make sure all of your special someones are on your ‘A List.’ Go ahead and thank yourself next year by updating your list and making it easy to find! We’re a fan of spreadsheets, or try adding mailing addresses to your phone’s contact list.

Find a card that stirs something in you.
Photo cards are super popular for showing off your family (and pets). If you go that route, you’re obviously going to need photos! Find your design (Expressionery has a gorgeous new collection of holiday cards this year) and see if you’ll need a horizontal or vertical photo. If you need a professional photographer, start searching when your boss isn’t looking. Also, check out our Pinterest page for some holiday photo inspiration.

Order your holiday cards by Halloween.
It sounds scary, but you’ll be so glad you got them done early.

Start addressing your cards as soon as they arrive.
You have until Thanksgiving, but don’t wait until then either! Tryptophan is a very powerful thing. Add the finishing touch to your cards with a beautiful customized address stamp.
Put the finishing touch on your holiday cards

Put the finishing touch on your holiday cards

Drop your finished holiday cards in the mail.
Send them off by December 1st for maximum cheer, and then celebrate! Enjoy a cocktail while you wait for all of the texts complimenting your beautiful cards.

And if you’re ready to get started on gift shopping…
Be sure to check for some fabulous deals on personalized stationery, notepads and custom stamps for your girl friends. You’ll find great ideas for moms, sisters, office friends and of course, your bestie.