4 reasons stationery will never go out of style


In today’s digital world, where all communication seems to happen by email, texting and telephone conversations, there doesn’t seem to be a place for stationery. But high-quality stationery is still in demand and very much welcomed by people. Here are four reasons why:

  1. The sense of care
  2. The use of stationery speaks to a greater amount of care and thoughtfulness than a simple email, which can be fired off quickly. With stationery, you’re deliberately choosing the style and considering both your own tastes and what any recipients of your cards or letters might like as well. You’re taking just little bit more time crafting something unique.

  3. It speaks to a slower, more thoughtful pace
  4. When the pace of life is set to high-speed and there are dozens of things to do every day, stationery gives you a chance to slow down a little – to pause, reflect, and be more considerate. Communication doesn’t always have to take place at a frenetic, instantaneous pace.

  5. It’s aesthetically pleasing
  6. High-quality stationery is an artistic product. It’s made with care and with a feeling for beauty and aesthetic pleasure. This gives people enjoyment and calm, not to mention a greater appreciation for what’s lovely in their life.

  7. The indulgence in a bit of nostalgia
  8. If you enjoy some of the habits and pleasures of time gone by, then writing on stationery can be a treat. Pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and put your thoughts to paper at a more relaxed pace.

This doesn’t mean that digital communication is bad. In fact, you can easily use the Internet to customize your own stationery, such as making greeting cards with your photo on them. Still, stationery is special in its own right. Don’t hesitate to contact us then, to ask for advice on what stationery to use on different occasions and how to better incorporate the use of stationery in your own life.

This Thanksgiving is a once in a lifetime occurrence

Happy Hanukkah Cards

This year we are fortunate to experience a rare occurrence that will not happen again for many years. This is such a special occasion that should be acknowledged with unique holiday cards. Do you know what day we are referring to? November 28, 2013 is not only Thanksgiving Day, but also the first day of Hanukkah.

There is a lot of publicity regarding this unique holiday blend, with one article in particular giving a good explanation of how and why this occurred. It is also interesting to learn how some of the families will be dealing with this doubled up holiday. For those curious about why these holidays overlapped this year, it basically is because of the different calendars that are used to calculate holidays. In the U.S., Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

Hanukkah starts on the same date, but using a calendar system that is different from the calendar we are most familiar with using. Hanukkah is found in the Hebrew calendar every year on the 25th of the month of Kislev. This calendar is a lunar/solar calendar that determines months according to the phases of the lunar calendar and the years by the sun. Another interesting note, a Jewish-American physicist calculated when this overlapping holiday would occur next. Since the Jewish calendar is drifting apart from the solar calendar, he expects the next time this will happen is in 77,798 years. That seems to be a great reason to celebrate the special day this year.

One great way to mark this special day is with unique cards that will let you express your holiday greetings. Make note of this rare and very special occasion with a warm handwritten note to add a personal message. It always seems to mean a little more when your personal greeting is included.

Many families will be respectfully blending both holidays together following traditions and religious dietary laws. Many will be enjoying the traditional turkey with various side dishes including potato dishes that exclude dairy products, so they will skip the sour cream with their potato latkes. It will still be a very memorable holiday that can be enjoyed with family, friends and of course great food.

We will be very happy to assist you with your choice from our selection of cards for all the various holidays when you contact us.

Laura Kelly Giveaway

Me and My Peeps

From coast to coast the Me and My Peeps characters are capturing the hearts of people everywhere. On their most recent excursion, these fun design-your-own-family characters, created by artist Laura Kelly, visited the team of U-Create in Anaheim, California at the Winter Craft & Hobby Association Show. Now, we are bringing Me and My Peeps to you with a special giveaway on the U-Create blog.

Click the link, www.u-createcrafts.com, to find out how you could win great Me and My Peeps prizes!

To create stationery with the Peeps, visit us at www.expressionery.com

Me & My Peeps Travel to NYC!

Me and My Peeps - NYC Trip

Me and My Peeps is Laura Kelly’s newest collection of characters used to personalize products and create smiles. She and her friends have taken it live this week to New York City to celebrate the launch of the product line on expressionery.com! Yesterday they traveled to the Big Apple with mini versions of their life-size selves promoting the launch and creating smiles every step of the way! They were treated with excitement and enthusiasm from Delta Airlines where they earned their wings! Mini Lisa got to tour the cockpit and Mini Niki snuck on the luggage belt. Silly Niki!

Me and My Peeps - In the Cockpit Me and My Peeps - On the plane Me and My Peeps -  Luggage Belt

Today they will all venture out into the city. Laura Kelly will be drawing custom Peeps for those she meets throughout the journey and spreading the word about our amazing product lines. Live posts will be appearing throughout on our Facebook wall where we would love for you to follow. You can also follow along at meandmypeeps.com. Stay posted for more news on Laura Kelly and her Peeps in New York!

Simon + Kabuki – Featured Artists

Simon + Kabuki

Simon + Kabuki

Simon + Kabuki creates their signature line of “sassy and modern” designs with the mission of helping people live inspired lives. The founders, Erin Sarpa and Ilene Guy, are firm believers that you do not have to be a designer to be stylish at home, work and play. Their hip, fun, fashion-forward collections reflect their “love your style, design your life” philosophy.

Based in Silicon Valley, Erin and Ilene each bring more than 20 years of proven design experience including time spent working with fast-paced technology clients including Google and Apple Computer. They know good design and—better yet— they understand what happens during the design implementation stage of product manufacturing and how design impacts consumer purchasing decisions. This expertise allows Erin and Ilene to help their manufacturing and retail partners create products that consumers crave. This powerhouse team has generated more than $10 million in sales and their licensed designs are featured on a wide mix of products. Their sassy and modern designs can be found on stationery, school supplies, notebooks, party supplies, home decor and fabric at retailers across the U.S., Canada and Europe including Target, Staples and KodakGallery.com, to name a few.

Simon + Kabuki Weekly Calendars, Folded Notes, Bookmarks and Flat Cards

Simon + Kabuki Weekly Calendars, Folded Notes, Bookmarks and Flat Cards

Simon + Kabuki offers a full range of on-trend, posh designs for lifestyle categories including: bedding and home décor accessories; stationery (note cards, calendars, journals); crafts (scrapbooking); apparel and accessories; home décor (rugs, artwork, photo frames); office supplies; tabletop; kitchen textiles; fabric; partyware (napkins, plates, cups); and gift wrap and gift bags.

Erin and Ilene originally met in design school and discovered that they share a mutual appreciation for chic design, a modern color palette and fresh typography. This launched a friendship and shortly after graduation, they launched a design firm. Since then, they have been working to make the world a more stylish place one fabulous design at a time.

They are also “mom-preneurs” who find inspiration from their children who know everything about what’s cool in the world. This playful, charming point of view shines through in their designs and even helped them to select a name for their firm. “Simon + Kabuki” pays homage to the artists’ first childhood pets, Erin’s cat (“Simon”) and Ilene’s rat (“Kabuki”)