Get your craft on! Our first open studio.

This Tuesday we opened our doors of our new Chicago studio for the first time, and invited the local community to join us for some gift wrapping. To start the evening, our Creative Director, Leslie, gave a wonderful demo on how to wrap a gift only using double stick tape! The secret to her gift wrapping talent? Use the very, very sticky “permanent” double stick tape so your presents don’t unwrap themselves before Christmas. (Or anyone else!)

It was so festive & cozy!

It was so festive & cozy!

Sometimes the most terrifying part of crafting is just getting started! Wrapping a pretty present can be daunting, but choosing a plain kraft paper and dressing it up with a pretty ribbon is a great way to dive into the crafting world. But of course the perfect finishing touch is a beautiful Expressionery Stamp!

We love the Vintage Burst Wooden Stamp for festive & cheery presents.

We love the Vintage Burst Wooden Stamp for festive & cheery presents.

Speaking of stamps, when one of our lovely crafters spied a PSA Essentials Stamp Gift Box under our mini tree, she became so enamored with it that we just had to gift it to her on the spot! It’s not everyday that we can get to meet our customers in person, and we were so flattered by her excitement that we just had to pay it forward.

The best part about our “wrap party” wasn’t just the wrapping. Too often we hurriedly wrap presents late at night without taking anytime to enjoy ourselves. If you still have some gifts to wrap, invite a friend or two to wrap with you. We had to much fun chatting and swapping gift ideas that we plan on making it a yearly tradition.

We'd love to craft with you!

We’d love to craft with you!

Because our open studio night was so much fun, we are going to try to open up the studio once a month for a night of community crafting. Follow us on Instgram to stay up-to-date!

- The Expressionery Team

Is that the sound of sleigh bells in the distance?

Expressonery Holiday Collection

Our new Holiday Card Collection in Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Everyone in the studio has been passing around the October issue of Martha Stewart Living featuring our new Holiday Card Collection!

Even though winter weather may have not seized the nation, it’s time to start getting your holiday list together and planning your family photo. To help get you in the spirit, take a peek at our new Holiday Card collection at Expressionery. It’s full of boutique designs that are a beautiful way to welcome in the Holidays.

Etiqutte Tips For Sending Holiday Cards



The holiday season is upon us and it is time to think about preparing and sending out holiday cards. Most families have their own customs as to sending out holiday cards. It seems like a simple task but there are some particular rules to follow when mailing holiday cards. Here are some etiquette tips for sending holiday cards.

Decide on what cards will be sent to which families. Some people like to send generic cards like “Happy Holidays” to everyone on their list. Others like to customize their cards with a note added on the inside of the card. Be sure that you only send cards to people who celebrate Christmas.

In order for cards to be received by mid-December mail them shortly after Thanksgiving. Remember that the post office is busy this time of year and you do not want the cards delivered after Christmas.

Include your return address making it easy for the recipient to know who has sent the card. This insures they have your correct address for mailing out their cards.

Do not send out e-cards instead of traditional holiday cards. Cards should be an act of kindness with a personal touch like a note. Holiday cards are sent as an act of appreciation and friendliness. The idea is to send a gift of blessings and cheer in this joyous time of year.

Business colleague cards should be sent to their office unless you socialize with them. Keep the cards professional with a signed note. It is considered unacceptable to send holiday cards to the homes of business colleagues.

Holiday cards should be sent to the homes of your co-workers which add a personal touch. Holiday cards are a tradition that demands the recipient receive your greetings and good cheer at their door. Take the time to mail these cards.

These are a few etiquette tips for sending your holiday cards this year. Decide who you will be mailing cards to this year, make a list and remember to mail early so they will be received by mid-December.

For more information about holiday cards visit browse our selection on

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day

Roses are red
Violets are blue
She’s expecting a gift
But a love note will do

Finding the perfect gift for your Valentine can be tricky. Flowers are beautiful, but their splendor wilts. Chocolates taste amazing, but their enjoyment melts. Jewelry is impressive, but doesn’t embrace your budget. What easy, affordable gift can you give on Valentine’s Day that leaves a lasting impression?

Love Is In The Air


Sharing your love with written words is a meaningful gift that any Valentine will adore. Whether you write poetic love letters or simple, honest words, communicating your feelings of love and admiration for your Valentine is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Grab a notecard and let the words flow. Having trouble putting your emotions into words? Try song lyrics (Michael Buble), a romantic quote from a movie or play (Romeo and Juliet), or look to the poetic experts for inspiration (Keats). Communicate your love in this timeless way and it’s sure to make your special someone swoon.

What’s your favorite gift to give or receive on Valentine’s Day?