…So long, Farewell, Aufwiedersehn, Goodbye…

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Texas Sized Presents

With dragging feet, the Expressionery team gathered together for a bittersweet celebration – one of our team members has moved away. The leader, founder and visionary behind the Expressionery blog, Elaine, found herself a new adventure and while we were sad to see her go… we couldn’t let her leave without a proper Texan farewell.

Elaines Gifts

We rustled up a Texas sized gift basket filled to the brim with Lone Star State memorabilia! From Texas shaped tortilla chips (yes, we have those here) to Bluebonnet seeds, we made sure Elaine had everything she needed to keep a bit of Texas deep in her heart.

Cake Balls

We munched on burgers, sipped on sweet tea and enjoyed lots of jokes and laughter during her farewell luncheon, but the highlight of the event came in the form of Elaine’s last request. Our resident baker, Johanna, made Elaine a special batch of cake balls in a shade of Texas-sky blue!

Expressionery Group

It’s so easy to show appreciation for the people you encounter on a daily basis at work or at play. Take time to gather as co-workers and friends with good food, a bit of fanfare and fellowship. Our Texas style send-off, we hope, will be part of Elaine’s memory for years to come – especially when she’s enjoying the Texas shaped tortilla chips. ;)

We wish Elaine all the best in her new endeavors!

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One thought on “…So long, Farewell, Aufwiedersehn, Goodbye…

  1. And let me tell you, those Texas-shaped tortilla chips were a lifesaver on the long journey to the north. Thank you all for your friendship and the awesome celebration! I miss the blog team!

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