Tips for Great Family Photos

Picture Perfect Holiday Cards

Picture Perfect Holiday Cards |

We can’t guarantee that this’ll keep you off of Ellen’s Bad Holiday Photos segment, but it will definitely help.

Choose the card first. That’s right. Before you pick up a camera or hire a photographer, find a card you like . It could give you ideas.

Be casual. Do not act super posed. Do not all wear the exact same plaid jumper. And please (please please PRETTY PLEASE) do not stare off into the distance.

Instead, be funny. Get candid photos of the kids laughing. Make funny faces. And certainly embrace everyone’s unique personalities.

And you know you don’t have to use the silly faces photos. If you don’t like them – Delete!
The best photos are casual and fun |

The best photos are casual and fun |

Get golden. The sun is your friend, but only for about two hours of the day. If you’re taking your photos in nature, set your clocks for an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. It’s called the Golden Hour and it’ll ensure you don’t need as much concealer.

What to wear?
Chances are you don’t have a professional stylist, and that’s cool.

Remember what it says above about casual? That goes for clothing, too. You don’t need to wear your Sunday best. Just try not to match the colors of the background and you’ll look great.

Show off your personality.
Let’s be honest; holiday cards are for showing off how happy, cute, and fun-loving your family is. Do whatever you want. Ignore everything you just read if that’s your thing.

The most important thing is that your photos are a true (or at least mostly-true ) reflection of you.

New Collection of iPhone Cases!

New personalized iphone cases.

Technologically gorgeous |

Didn’t we just announce new notepad designs last week? Well, the team has been busy and today we launched our new personalized iPhone case collection. They’re darling, if we do say so ourselves.

Our designers have created over 90 new personalized iPhone cases in mouth-watering color combinations like apricot, raspberry and grape. We have a gorgeous selection of monogram, modern and artistic designs. And, with our customizer you can personalize to your heart’s content. From water-color elegance to bold color-blocked, pick a design you love and make it uniquely yours.

New personalized iphone cases.

Just launched! New designs to dress up your iPhone |

Our personalized iPhone cases are designed to fit the iPhone 5 and 5s (we’re working on new cases for the iPhone 6 now). Each case is made of high-grade hard, durable and lightweight polycarbonate plastic. But more importantly, each case is guaranteed to make your technology more fun and fabulous.

Be the first to see the new collection on And if you’re ready to start your holiday shopping, check out all the new additions to our Gifts & Accessories page. Personalized notepads, stationery and stamps make thoughtful gifts for all the women in your life. Moms, Moms-in-law, sisters, nieces, daughters, and your besties at work, get them something truly unique this season.

Friends & Family Sale Is Here

Friends and Family Sale from Expressionery Just in time for the holidays, for one week only, enjoy the same discount we share with our studio employees-30% off sitewide!

To save you from the math, our entire collection of custom address stamps are only $31.50 each for the entire week. Holiday address stamps, personalized address stamps, “handmade by” stamps, PSA Essentials stamps, everything! Click here to get stamping.
Custom Stamp | Expressionery Blog

Holiday cards, too! Our exclusive holiday photo card designs are all 30% off. That means an order of 10 cards is less than $15 and an order of 50 cards is $50.40. And yes, it’s time to get started. There are only five weekends left before December and cards should be sent on December 1 for maximum cheer. Use this week to get into the spirit and check ordering holiday cards off your list.
Holiday Cards | Expressionery Blog

Holiday address labels add extra cheer to your cards. We have matching address labels for most of our cards or get creative and mix and match your designs. This week these boutique designs all start under $10. Welcome to the family!
Holiday Address Labels

And, of course, we always offer free standard shipping on all orders over $50 and most products we can personalize and get in the mail for you in just two days. So this is the week to get those Christmas cards ordered, treat yourself with a new custom address stamp or custom holiday address labels and start the holiday gift shopping. It’s going to be a fun week!

Use code PUMPKINPIE30 at checkout. See our special offers page for details. Thank you for being part of the Expressionery family!

Get Beautifully Organized! New Notepads

New personalized notepad collection at Expressionery

Oh So Organized: Notes Desk Notepad, Linear Large Notepad, Sassy Small Notepad |

Your “to-do” list never looked so good!
We’ve just launched a new collection of personalized notepads with over 100 boutique designs. Whether it’s for your desk at work, your kitchen at home, or on-the-go family scheduling, we have the styles that will keep you organized and look great at the same time.

Personalized notepads are a fun splurge that you’ll use everyday.
Here are some of our favorites:

Sometimes when you’re sitting at your desk with sticky notes and to-do lists everywhere, it’s organized chaos! Add some sophistication and order with our Elegant Pattern personalized notepads.
Elegant Pattern Desk Personalized Notepads |

Add some sophistication to your desk. Elegant Pattern Desk Notepads |

These personalized notepads make it easy for you to stay on top of all your projects and tasks even on your busiest days.
To-Do List Large Personalized Notepads |

Your to-do list just got better looking. To-Do List Large Notepads |

Our Photo Montage Notepads help you to remember what life is really about when you’re making all those lists.
Photo Montage Desk Personalized Notepads |

The reason you are making all these lists! Photo Montage Desk Notepads |

These vivid notepads will organize & brighten everyday.
Weekly Grid Small Personalized Notepads |

Keep it colorful! Weekly Grid Small Notepads |

And these weekly Groceries personalized notepads make meal planning a snap.
Grocery and Meal Planning Notepads

Meal planning made fabulous. Groceries Desk Notepads |

If you’re starting to think about gifts for the holidays, personalized notepads make a fabulous gift for all your friends at work. Personalized notepads are perfect for everyone from your boss to your admin. It’s an easy way to inject some personal style into the workplace.