Unique Gift Ideas for Dads

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Father's Day

Father’s Day is coming fast, which means you need to find the perfect gift for dear ol’ Dad! Is it just me, or are dads, granddads, uncles, brothers – well, men in general – just hard to shop for?

Do I shop for what he needs? Or what he wants? Is handmade better than store-bought? What’s the perfect gift that makes ME the favorite child (at least for the day)? No stress, friends, we’ve gathered a list of stellar Father’s Day gift ideas for all kinds of dads!

For the grill master

Buy it: Heavy duty tongs, spatulas or cedar grilling planks are always a treasured gift for the grill. Did that last year? How about giving a personalized apron or a bottle of gourmet sauce and a membership to a meat of the month club?

Make it: Combine a handful (ha!) of items into a BBQ cooking mitt with a bottle of sauce, poultry rub, tongs, corn on the cob picks, a meat thermometer and an apron or dish towels and attach a note that says, “I’ll AD-MITT it: You’re the BEST DAD EVER!”

Unique gift for dad 1

Cooking Mitt from Mod Cloth

For the computer geek

Buy it: Find all sorts of quirky and clever ideas on Etsy for your nerdy smart Dad! How cool is this “I Love You” Binary Code Print?

Unique print for Dad

Print from Etsy

Make it: Create unique office accessories with computer parts! Glue cork or felt to the bottom side of a floppy disk to make quirky coasters. Pop keys off an old keyboard and glue magnets to the back sides for some cool and clever refrigerator magnets!

Geeky Fathers Day gifts

Geeky gifts from IBM & Apartment Therapy

For the sports enthusiast

Buy it: Score big with Dad and give him tickets to a game for the two of you! Not only will this be a great gift for Dad, but together you will create a memory to last a lifetime!

Make it: Can’t afford to get to a game? Recreate a game day experience in your living room! Present Dad with a Styrofoam cooler filled with popcorn, peanuts, drinks, the remote control from your TV and a home-made ticket to watch a special sports game at home (a favorite baseball team, hockey team or possibly a basketball playoff game).

Cooler gift

Cooler from Home Decorators

For the food lover

Buy it: If chowing down is your dad’s favorite pastime, get him a gift certificate to his favorite spot or introduce him to a new restaurant!

Make it: Grab a wooden toolbox (available at craft stores) and fill it with a gourmet verison of Dad’s favorite foods! For example, various flavors of thick cut bacon, deli meats and smoked salmon or jerky for the meat lover.

Food toolbox

Toolbox from Darling Doodles

So whatever your dad is into, you can find him a gift that’s perfectly suited to his style. Just think about what he likes best, combine it with a little creativity and you can create a gift that Dad will love.

And the best news is, he’s going to love whatever you get him, so don’t stress – just enjoy the day that celebrates dear ol’ Dad!

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