How To Make A Baby Milestones Memory Keeper

Baby Milsetones keeper
Summer is typically devoted to attending reception venues for wedding season, but it’s also a popular time to welcome new babies into the world! Unique baby gifts are popping all over the place these days, with everything from diaper delivery services, to monthly baby toy subscriptions.

With that in mind, personalized handmade gifts are always a great option for baby showers or if you’re attending and newborn Sip-and-See party. Let’s be honest, new moms these days are busy, which means there isn’t much time to record all the cute baby achievements as they happen. A Milestone Memory Keeper made with a custom Expressionery stampk is the perfect alternative to the traditional, humongous baby book. Plus this project takes little time and uses crafty items you may already have at home- even better!

Handmade Stamped Baby Milestone Memory Keeper Box

Memory keeper baby milestone
To make this gift you will need a small box, some cardstock, an Expressionery self-inking custom stamp and stickers, or way to mark each milestone throughout the year. In this tutorial monthly stickers are used on cardstock to remember special moments each month. Families can choose to write on each card special notes from that time, or simply snap a photo to record physical changes from first month, second month, third month changes, etc.
Expressionery Stamp Baby's First Year

First, find a small flat box. Reusing an old jewelry box or wallet packaging works great. A small box takes up less space too, and it’s something else to embellish. For this tutorial we used a baby-themed sticker found at the local craft store and Expressionery custom stamp to dress up the keepsake. Go for a simple, modern look or something to match babies nursery. This way the box can be placed on a nursery shelf or displayed in the home for guests to enjoy.
Memory keeper to track baby milestones
Next cut cardstock to fit inside the box. If you choose to record monthly activity you’ll need only twelve, if you want to record other milestones add more cards for things such as first tooth, first smile, first steps, first haircut and more!
track baby milestone with these cards
Then, attach stickers or write on each card a caption so Mom knows exactly what she needs to do. For example, Baby’s First Tooth or Month 3.

Finally, wrap the gift using tissue and a pretty thank you tag.

This easy custom baby milestone memory keeper is is a wonderful gift that can be used as decor later for the babies First Birthday party too and sure to be a hit with any mom-to-be!

This post is a part of our 30 Days of Stamps blog series. Each week we’ll share inspiration and tutorials for easy handmade projects to make yourself featuring Expressionery self-inking stamps. For more stamp ideas, be sure to check out the 30 Days of Stamps series and share your projects on social media and follow along using the hashtag #30DaysofStamps.

Our Safari Animal Baby Shower

Corina's safari animal baby shower

Corina's safari animal baby shower

If you haven’t noticed from our other parties, we girls love celebrating! We recently threw a baby shower for our own Corina Murray, and we wanted to share the fun with you.

Corina is expecting a baby girl this month, but she’s not a big fan of pink. Instead of sticking with the traditional pastel pink color palette, we thought it would be fun to spice things up with bright, bold colors. You can’t get much brighter than the animal suite:

Animal baby shower

Animal suite

The four designs are available as invitations, plates and more – plus printables we created for Corina’s shower. (Okay, so we snuck in a little pink here and there, but just as an accent color!)

For our safari animal baby shower, we made sure to include Corina’s favorite animal – giraffes – along with some other cute characters. Giraffe, elephant and crocodile cutouts were designed especially for her, along with a bold “Congrats” banner, and we’re sharing them with you as free printables!

Baby safari animal cutouts

Baby safari animal cutouts & "Congrats" banner

For the banner, just print out the PDF on card stock, then punch holes and tie the triangles together with ribbon.

To make the safari animals, grab some card stock or craft foam in the colors of your choice, print out the PDFs on everyday paper, cut them out and use them as stencils to trace the designs onto your card stock or foam.

Next, cut and glue on embellishments. (Hint: all the animals’ eyes, and the elephant’s toenails, can be created by using a hole punch, so don’t worry about trimming a perfect circle by hand!)

Finally, glue craft sticks onto the back and use your baby safari animals around the refreshment table, or tape them up to the wall.

We couldn’t resist throwing in these two “pregnant” animals we found at a local craft store:

"Pregnant" lion & elephant

"Pregnant" lion & elephant

Once we had enough animals, we tied the colorful shower theme together with tablecloths, place settings and ribbon. You might have noticed how we used green as the base color for the dessert table, then highlighted the animals with contrasting banners made by trimming vinyl tablecloths into strips.

We also found some zebra print ribbon at the craft store and tied it around the napkin holders and cake pop box. How simple and affordable is that?

Finally, we added to the safari theme by creating wild tissue-paper flowers. The blog craft team had a blast with these –

Elegant tissue paper flowers

Elegant tissue paper flowers

For your own party, you can use a single color of tissue paper for a natural look, or go wild by pairing several colors in one flower for a bright, bold safari theme like ours. You can find step-by-step instructions for these elegant flowers on Martha Stewart’s website.

Cake pops & gifts

Cake pops & gifts

Here are a few tips we learned along the way:

  • Pick 3 or 4 colors for your baby shower theme. Repeating several colors instead of just one makes the shower more fun and less frilly.
  • Not all your baby safari animals have to match. Throw in a set of these printables, then mix and match with ones you find at the store – like the adorable baby book Suzanne found (above).
  • Letting everyone in on the theme will help them select gifts that match too! Corina was thrilled that we followed her suggestion to have a giraffe and non-pink theme, since that’s how the nursery is being decorated. Now she has lots of safari themed décor – even a giraffe print diaper bag – which she’ll enjoy for months to come.
Gifts, cookies and the guest of honor

Gifts, cookies and the guest of honor - the stamp on the gift tag is available at

Free safari animal shower printables

And now, for the best part – free printables for you! The “Congrats” banner, adorable baby animal cutouts, water bottle labels, place cards and hors d’oeuvre flags are yours to print and use at your own special occasion.

Pair them with the matching animal suite from or mix and match with your own unique style – then don’t forget to share your creativity by posting a link in the comments!