SNAP! A Crafty Conference Recap


snap conference stage
SNAP! Not only is this the signature noise a camera makes when snapping selfies and silly pictures of our kids, it’s also the name of one of our favorite events of the year, SNAP, a three-day conference event celebrating creative entrepreneurs. was lucky enough to attend with our friend and partner Laura Kelly of Laura Kelly Designs and in between the networking, hands-on workshops and amazing giveaways, it was a makers dream!

Each year creatives from all corners of the US gather in Salt Lake City, UT to learn about the latest crafting products and trends, as well as attend educational seminars. Participants choose from a number of topic-based sessions, all aimed at teaching skills to help small businesses grow. From social marketing, to affiliate selling, relationship building and revenues streams, there is something for every kind of maker.

Plus, there’s plenty of hands-on DIY activities, product demonstrations, delicious food and if you’re lucky some prime entertainment. (Like wedding and events mogul David Tutera singing a telegram ditty- wink wink. Watch the clip!) It’s a great opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to come together, learn from one another and find inspiration to create amazing things.

Here’s a look back at some of our favorite 2015 SNAP conference highlights:

SNAP Door Decorating Contest
Decorating doors isn’t just for kids in school, adults enjoy it too. Trust us, thanks to sponsors 3M/Scotch we were treated to a wide display of creative ways to use tape on a door. Each morning when we’d leave our rooms it was impossible to miss the uplifting messages and decor outside each attendee’s room. Such a great start to the day!

This year the theme was #Expressions2UpLift.

Laura Kelly’s team door featured colorful buckets with inspiring quotes about joy, creativity, love, peace and hope for SNAP attendees to grab on their way down to breakfast or to and from classes. Accented with mini galvanized buckets, flowers and a watering can, the door was blooming with positivity.

Head over to Instagram and see the full range of gorgeous creations by searching for the hashtag #Expressions2UpLift.

David Tutera Sings
While making new friends is always a highlight, without a doubt the star of the show was David Tutera, the keynote speaker during Friday’s dinner. David shared his tips on authenticity in a saturated creative market, something that really resonates with us here at

So happy to have @davidtutera at #snapconf!

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He also surprised attendees with a short song (which he calls a ditty) from his former days of working as a singing telegram performer. His first business was charmingly called Witty Ditty and Balloons in Style.

Who knew we’d get dinner and a show?!

Laura Kelly Designs Breakfast
After an eventful few days, our good friend Laura Kelly and 450 of her closest friends met for breakfast bright and early Saturday morning. As a true testament of her sweet character, Laura personally sewed 450 unique bags featuring her buttons and adorable flowers made of Spoonflower fabric – one for each of the attendees seated at the breakfast. SNAP Laura Kelly table

handmadeexpressionerystamp At each place setting was also a card craft kit, stamping test card and Expressionery stamps to test. (If you were lucky enough to attend the breakfast, don’t forget to look inside your bag for an Expressionery goodies)
It was incredibly generous of Laura to invite us along as her guest. It was a perfect demonstration of how Laura treats partners, fans and the crafting community. She’s a cheerleader for so many, while staying constantly true to her style and her brand. She’s authentic in every sense of the word and we just love working with her!

Ronald McDonald Service Project
Another common theme among speaker sessions was the act of giving and volunteering. Throughout the conference attendees were invited to a special room to make greeting cards for those families residing at the local Ronald McDonald Charity House. These cards are gifts from SNAP to be sent from the families for various life celebrations. Expressionery was happy to donate a few stamps to help with the decorating process.

Everyone was encouraged to take some time out from the conference to create a few handmade cards and it was neat to see attendees sign each one with our signature “Handmade by” Laura Kelly self-inking stamp. rmdh

Overall SNAP was an amazing experience, full of great tips, motivational speakers and fabulous attendees. We can’t wait to see what next year brings!

Did you attend SNAP? What was your favorite highlight? Share with us in the comments below.

10 ways to use your PSA Essentials personalized stamp

PSA personalized stamps

A guest post by our friend Libby O from PSA Stamp Camp

Like an old friend, my PSA Essentials personalized stamp has been with me for a long time. With patent-pending Peel & Stick technology and thousands of designs, one personalized stamp and a few Peel & Stick packs go a long way. From getting married to buying a house, getting domestic and celebrating holidays and milestones, there are so many uses for a personalized stamp and Peel & Stick designs. Here are 10 of my favorite ways to use PSA Essentials stamps!

10. If you’re getting married, use your personalized PSA Essentials stamp for your entire wedding stationery suite. From sending out save the dates, to showers, to your wedding invitations – use one personalized outer ring and switch up your inner rings to suit the occasion. There’s a stamp for every occasion to dress up your envelopes.

PSA stamp use 10
  • Save the date stamp from the “Bouquet Toss” collection
  • Umbrella shower stamp from the “Bouquet Toss” collection
  • Cake stamp from the “Mr. & Mrs.” collection

9. Create your own stationery and notes. Use jotter paper on your desk or purchase any of PSA Essentials’ stampable stationery. It’s an inexpensive way to have personalized stationery in a few seconds!

PSA stamp use 9

8. Get crafty and make your own holiday cards. Remove the outer ring of your personalized stamp and use the “Happy Holidays” stamp from the North Pole Peel & Stick pack on your stamper. For your envelopes, put your outer address ring back on, change up the middle to the trees from Tree-O Peel & Stick stamps. Your holiday card is sure to stand out!

PSA stamp use 8
  • Handmade holiday cards

7. Make your own gift wrap. Remove your personalized stamp and switch it up. Add a cupcake stamp from PSA Cupcake, then a flower from PSA Rosettas to your stamper loaded with different color ink cartridges. Stamp randomly and you’ll have beautiful gift wrap in no time!

  • Handmade gift wrap
PSA stamp use 7

6. Get domestic! Switch up your stamp die (no need to purchase a whole new stamp because of the Peel & Stick technology) with a “From the kitchen of” stamp.

PSA stamp use 6
  • Gift tags on homemade goods

5. Host a beautiful baby shower with this DIY project. Have guests write wishes for baby on a card that can be placed in a book for the mom to take home. Use the PSA Little Bunny and PSA Carriage Peel & Stick stamp sets on your PSA Stamper and follow this tutorial to make them.

PSA stamp use 5
  • Wishes for baby

4. Serve dessert up in style. Dress up cupcakes with these easy toppers. Using your PSA Topiary Peel & Stick stamps, use the Easter Egg and “Happy Easter” sentiment to make these quick and easy toppers during Easter. Change it up for any occasion like birthdays, graduation, 4th of July, Halloween or Thanksgiving.

PSA product use 4
  • Cupcake toppers

3. Create great party favors like these CDs for guests take home. Switch things up on your personalized stamp and have a die made just for your event or occasion – like this “Molly’s 2nd Birthday Party” with “2” from PSA Vanilla Peel & Stick. Use it to create party decorations too like banners, cupcake toppers, napkin seals and more.

PSA product use 3
  • Personalized CD cases

2. Make memories last forever with scrapbooking. Change up your personalized stamp – add Peel & Stick designs like Fancy Flakes, Vanilla Letters & Numbers, and more to any of your layouts.

PSA stamp product use 2
  • The finishing touches for your scrapbook

1. Stamp all of your envelopes and correspondence, quickly and easily and in-style. PSA Essentials personalized stamps come assembled with black ink included, and are good for up to 10,000 impressions. That’s a lot of stamping!

PSA stamp use 1
  • Stamps for your correspondence

Valentine’s Day Card Crafts

Valentine's Day Card Crafts

Valentine's Day Card Crafts

These days it seems like parents buy those standard cardboard boxes of cartoon Valentines for their kids’ classmates. Why not do something different as a family this year? You don’t have to make Valentines from scratch to add that extra-special handmade touch.

Here’s a list of supplies you might want for your card crafts:

  • Cookie cutters to use as stencils
  • Crayons, markers or pens
  • Glitter
  • Felt or foam from the craft store
  • Ribbon
  • Rhinestones or sequins
  • Glue – hot glue or glue sticks work the fastest
  • Scissors – one pair of regular scissors, and maybe some specially shaped ones for edges
  • Personalized Valentine’s cards – has lots of cute designs

Valentine Envelope Decorating

There are lots of ways to decorate envelopes – don’t try to be perfect, just try to be creative and have fun. If you like to doodle, draw fun designs on the envelopes. Smiley faces and stick figures can go a long way toward saying “I love you.” If you’re not feeling like much of an artist, trace around cookie cutters in different shades of pink, red and purple.

Another fun way to decorate envelopes is to go three-dimensional. Use your cookie cutters as templates to draw shapes on felt or foam, then cut them out and glue several layers together on top of your envelope.

Don’t forget, you can also have fun personalizing Valentines with your trusty custom stamp. Whether you use a heart stamp or something completely unique like a monogram or fun kids stamp, it will help your Valentine stand out.

Valentine Card Decorating

Personalized Valentine’s cards are easy to decorate – glue a ribbon bow on one corner of the card, or use your cookie cutters as stencils to trace light pink hearts all over the inside of the card (after you sign it). You can even buy special scissors from the craft store that have different edges – look in the scrapbooking section and trim the edges of your cards for a special handmade touch.

Valentine's Day Cards

Get creative with your Valentine cards!