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Put even the smallest paintbrush in the right hands and watch a new world of color and design burst forth. It’s the world as only Dena sees it: fresh, inviting and brimming with joy. Award-winning artist, illustrator, TV host, author and widely syndicated newspaper columnist, Dena is a leading product and lifestyle designer whose signature blend of rapturous colors and prints warms hearts – and homes – the world over.

It’s a success story that started when Dena was a new graduate of UCLA and an aspiring artist in New York City who first tried her hand at designing textiles. Now, dozens of companies around the world feature her distinctive artworks on a wealth of products, from apparel, toys and books to gifts, accessories and home décor. The list keeps growing every time Dena picks up her paintbrush. That’s the secret of Dena Designs’ remarkable success; each and every one of the studio’s designs comes from the hand of the artist herself.

Dena says, “I love working with Expressionery. It’s great to be able to use a variety of patterns, colors and characters for all kinds of products.”

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Anne Keenan Higgins – Featured Artist

Anne Higgins

Anne Higgins

When your parents meet in art school, there’s a good chance creative genes will be passed on to your generation. That was certainly the case for illustrator Anne Keenan Higgins. Today, the family includes interior designers, film producers, painters, and creative directors. A Michigan native, Anne graduated from the University of Michigan School of Art & Design before beginning a career as an art director at various advertising agencies in Detroit.

Anne later moved from the Midwest to California and began a successful illustration business in the Bay Area. She developed a signature whimsical style and began selling a line of handmade pen-and-ink greeting cards to boutiques in San Francisco, art directing for Papyrus Corporate, and eventually licensing her artwork. and were two of her first clients, and she continues to work with them a decade later.

In addition to designing giftware and stationery, Anne has illustrated over 100 book covers. She is currently the U.S. illustrator for British writer Sophie Kinsella, author of the “Shopaholic” book series.

Following a decade of California living, Anne returned to her native Midwest roots and now resides in a small town in Michigan with the love of her life, Jason.

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