Get Beautifully Organized With Pretty Desk Accessories

organized desk accessories by Expressionery
Whether you work at home or at an office, there is always room for a little style and personality at your desk. At Expressionery, we believe that your office should be a place of inspiration, no matter where it happens to be! Forget those ugly yellow legal pads – ideas are more brilliant when you jot them down in a neat little notebook.

Love making to-do lists? Toss out the sticky notes and use a cute notepad instead. Or, customize a stamp with an inspirational quote you love. Surrounding yourself with things you love creates a stimulating environment that encourages creativity, innovation,and optimism. That’s why we have curated a collection of accessories to help you get beautifully organized while increase your productivity.

Pretty Up Your Desk and Get Beautifully Organized

Expressionery pink stripe notepad Lists and reminders instantly become stylish on the Preppy Stripe Small and Large Notepads.
Expressionery social contact cards Make a memorable first impression with our collection of creative contact cards and social cards – no boring business cards here.

Give your clients the proper thanks with the personalized Highlighted Folded Notes.
Expressionery yellow thank you note
Add a little color to your desk with the Jardino Notebook. Personalize it with your name, business, or favorite inspirational phrase.
Expressionery custom wooden stamp
Give your stamp of approval with the Block and Border Custom Stamp and Sprinkles Wooden Stamp.

No matter how much work you have on your plate, or what your office currently looks like it can always use a little pick me up with some amazing desk accessories.

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Let’s Get Poppin’ with Halloween


Halloween is around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about Halloween inspired treats. Whether it’s for a neighborhood party, classroom party or a little gift for friends & family- everyone will love your Reese’s Chocolate Popcorn Treat Bags with a Custom Mark. We’re so excited to collaborate with Laura Kelly and her blogger friends to bring you popcorn recipes galore + a special giveaway.

First, you’ll need to assemble your tools. This recipe is easy and can be made in quantities big or small.

– Favorite unflavored popcorn

– Dark chocolate chips

– Reese’s Pieces

Baker’s Party Shop Paper Bag

Halloween Custom Stamp

– Ribbon

Here’s how to do it:

1) This step is easy, pop your popcorn!

2) Melt your dark chocolate. You can either use a double broiler or put your desired amount of chocolate in a microwave safe bowl.

3) In a large mixing bowl, carefully mix your dark chocolate and popcorn. Be careful to not break the popcorn.

4) Add your Reese’s Pieces to the mixing bowl and carefully mix your chocolate popcorn.

5) Before putting your popcorn in the treat bag, carefully stamp the top of the bag with your Halloween Custom Stamp. (This is our favorite part!)

6) Put the desired amount of popcorn in the treat bag. Don’t make it too full, you want to be able to easily close the bag.

7) Once you’ve sealed the bag, take your hole puncher and punch two holes at the top of the bag. Then put in your favorite Halloween themed ribbon and tie a bow.

8) Voila! Now you’re done. Now you have a Pinterest inspired Halloween treat without the hassle.

Checkout all the other awesome Popcorn recipes down below! Don’t forget to enter in the giveaway to win a World Market $50 Gift Card & Halloween Treats!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Happy Haunting

No tricks on how easy this personalized Halloween Treat Bag is to achieve.

No tricks on how easy this personalized Halloween Treat Bag is to achieve.

Halloween is around the corner and we’re feeling festive over here at Expressionery!
Easily add some scare flair to all your Halloween goodies with a Halloween Custom Stamp. Your friends will go batty (sorry we couldn’t resist a pun) for personalized treat bags. All your need to do is stamp your favorite paper tag, muslin or craft bag, fill it with some candy or baked treats and you’re all done! We love all of the supplies at Bakers Party Shop.

A quick how-to:

1) Make sure you’re stamping on a flat surface and that you’ve got your bag or tag laid out as smoothly as possible.

2) Line up your stamp and for a crisp imprint, stamp your stamp three times in place.

3) Before moving your stamp, make sure you’re happy with the imprint. If you want the impression darker, just stamp down a few more times.

4) Voila! You’re done. You now have an adorable personalized Halloween treat bag that is Pinterest worthy!

We’re always so excited when we see our fabulous products in print- and this shout out in Mingle is no exception! Make sure you pick up the latest copy of Mingle Magazine: Autumn Edition.

Halloween Goodie Bags

Wrap It Up with Expressionery

Stamped gift box

One of the main reasons we love to bake is to share with others. Baked gifts are always a favorite and a pretty package makes treats taste even sweeter.

A simple way to dress up your homemade confections is with one of our personalized stamps. Because you can see your custom stamp before your buy with our exclusive online preview, any stamp can be easily customized with whatever personalization you want. Talk about easy, peezy! With a quick impression on a handmade gift tag or specialty kraft bag like our favorites from The Bakers Party Shop, your extra special treats get the extra special presentation they deserve.

Storage Box_KG

Have a friend who loves to bake? These stamps also make great gifts for those who are known for their culinary creations!

Stamped packaging

And because we get so excited when we see our gorgeous products in print, make sure you pick up the latest copy of Where Women Cook on stands now! The wonderful editorial features products from our very own designer Laura Kelly!

Expressionery in Where Women Cook

12 Ways To Use A Personalized Lavender Sachet

custom stamped lavender filled
Expressionery stamps are great for all kinds of DIY projects. Everything from gifts for friends, rainy day activities for kids or making something special for yourself, like these handy lavender sachets.

Lavender is a calming herb used in aromatherapy to help with insomnia, restlessness or anxiety. It can be found at a local craft store, but any herb and spice shop should also sell lavender. Lavender is typically sold in a loose format as buds. For most DIY projects you won’t need much, so a small bag (about 8 ounces) will suffice.

To make a lavender sachet, find muslin bags in an appropriate size from your local craft supply store. Use a personalized Expressionery stamp to customize the bag. Next, measure out 1/2- 1 cup of lavender. Pour into the bag. Seal the bag and you’re all set!

When you’ve finished creating the sachet, repeat with as many muslin bags as you like. Expressionery stamps work great on muslin fabric, as long as you don’t attempt to wash the material! Once you’ve finished all the sachets store them in one of the following places for optimal freshness:

  • undergarment storage area
  • overnight inside shoes
  • inside luggage
  • inside gym bags
  • storing seasonal clothing
  • inside a bathroom
  • underneath a pillow
  • hanging in a closet
  • inside a car
  • hanging on a guest room doorknob
  • as a gift tag on a package
  • inside linen closet
Where do you like to use lavender? Any special places you prefer to store sachets? Share with us!

This post is a part of our 30 Days of Stamps blog series. Each week we’ll share inspiration and tutorials for easy handmade projects to make yourself featuring Expressionery self-inking stamps. For more stamp ideas, be sure to check out the 30 Days of Stamps series and share your projects on social media and follow along using the hashtag #30DaysofStamps.