How To Plan Your Week in 5 Minutes or Less


planyourweek The holiday buzz has died down and that means it’s time to get back to life, back to reality. With mountains of thank you cards to write and leftover cookies to eat, it may be hard to carve out some time for yourself this January-especially when it comes to managing the family calendar.

Luckily there are some great tips and tools available to help you sort through schedules in a matter of minutes. There’s no need to set aside an hour of valuable time anymore!

All you need is a wall calendar, a desk calendar notepad, some colorful pens, post it notes and washi tape. To get started follow these four tips to help you plan the week over a cup of your favorite coffee or tea.

Tips to Help Plan Your Week in 5 Minutes or Less

Tip #1 Create a Master Calendar
Pick up a traditional paper calendar the next time you’re at Target. Or, make one yourself as a weekend DIY project. A homemade chalkboard calendar would work well in any entryway! If you’re short on time, try a vinyl chalkboard decal calendar for the wall. Many are removable so you can hang it in a different location whenever you like. When it doubt, a magnetic yearly calendar to hang on the kitchen fridge will also do the trick.

Then, gather a list of birthdays, vacations, days off from school and holidays important to you and your family. Note these on the master calendar. Be sure to hang in a central location so each family can see what is coming each month. Do this at the beginning of each month, instead of trying to plan the whole year in one sitting.

Tip #2 Focus On One Week at a Time
Too often we find ourselves looking so far into the future that life starts feel overwhelming. Use a weekly calendar notepad to help you focus on just what is coming up over the next seven days. You can even personalize the notepad with your family name. Then, consult your master family calendar to add special dates of note during the week and fill in as needed. This can be a huge time saver instead of stressing over planning a whole month in one sitting.

Tip #3 Track Activities Separately
Instead of putting every single activity and event on the Master Calendar, use a smaller weekly grid calendar notepad for sports, activities and meetings. Hang this in a place for everyone to see, like the refrigerator, or keep it in your own personal planner.

Tip #4 Organize With Color
Set up a system based on color, extra sticky notes, special pens or stickers. Use this to track activities, events, important dates, deadlines and meeting for everyone in the house. This is where you can experiment with fun colored pens, markers, stickers and washi tape from your favorite scrapbook or craft store. Assign each person a color, then use those colors to flag events throughout the week. At a quick glance you’ll be able to see who needs to be where.

Organizing your week can be fun if you have the right tools. Just add a bit of color and find creative ways to mark your calendar notepad. Now hopefully you’ll have more time to tackle the growing family to-do list!

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Quick Ways To Organize Your Desk For The New Year


Expressionery Notepad
Every woman dreams of a home makeover straight from reality television. Unfortunately those made-for-TV shows also come with large made-for-TV price tags that can be quite lofty for the average family. While dramatic updates to a room may be pricey, a little makeover doesn’t have to break the bank. When you know what to look for it’s easy to dress up your home decor within a budget.

A great place to start is a home office or workspace. It won’t take a ton of time and with just a few accessories your desk can look Pinterest- worthy in no time.

First, it’s always a good idea to check out the way your room is arranged. Does it make sense? Do you have easy access to electrical outlets? How is the lighting? Are your accessories and tools within reach when you need them?

A tip: Take everything out of the room and then put it back in arranged in a way that will help you get work done. Consider the natural lighting source!

Next look at color. Typically you want an office space or workspace to be calm. Various shades of blues or blue/ grey work well. Steer away from reds since they evoke intense emotion and even hunger! Lighter colors tend to make a room look larger, while darker colors can make a space feel small and compact. Just remember the way it’s decorated and color will impact your work. A fresh coat of paint make be just what you need to help create foster a happy, productive environment.

Then, take a look at what is actually on and around your desk space. While little trinkets may create fond memories, they don’t do much for your productivity and can actually be a distraction. Instead, pick out a favorite quote or phrase like this one from and hang it close to where you sit. Use it as your daily inspiration and motivation. It makes sense to also consider organizational tools and accessories when updating your desk. Grab some accent file folders, or some personalized stationery such as a custom notepad and fun pens to help give your desk a new, yet functional and organized look.

Finally, if your workspace lacks a natural light source invest in some lighting to brighten the room. This could be a chic table lamp, modern floor lamp or stand of lights to give your desk a light and airy feel.

With just a few new pieces and some updated color, your deskspace could be looking delightful this new year!

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The always adorable: Laura Kelly

Personalized stationery is always fun because you get make it yours. But what makes it even more special is when you get to really get creative & crafty! This is why we love Laura Kelly. She’s the infamous creator of our beloved ‘Me and My Peeps‘ collection.

The ‘Me and My Peeps’ collection is so much fun because you can truly customize this stationery to fit your family. You’re able to change hair color, outfits…everything! We even have Peeps for all your furry family members. So you’re able to truly customize for your perfect family.

Me & My Peeps Stationery by Laura Kelly

Laura Kelly is more than her magical Peeps, she’s also created a fantastic line of adorable stationery products. Laura has designed everything from folded notes, flat cards, invitations, to labels and more. We even just released a whimsical new line of Laura Kelly Stamps! (Seriously they’re adorable)

We recently asked some Laura Kelly lovin’ bloggers to find some neat & creative ways to use their custom ‘Me and My Peeps‘ products, and they came up with some fabulous ideas! Below you’ll find 20 fantastic ways to use your Laura Kelly Stationery!

One Artsy Mama
Make Life Lovely
Housewife Hell Raiser
Laura’s Crafty Life
Raising A Healthy Family
Everyday Party Mag
It Happens In A Blink
Mothership Scrapbook Gal
A Sweet Berry’s Blog
Laura Bray Designs
Bits Of Everything
A Little Craft In Your Day
Happy Go Lucky Blog
Cupcakes And Crowbars
Major Hoff Takes A Wife
Mrs. Greene
Tatertots And Jello
Ribbons And Glue
30 Minute Crafts
Laura Kelly Walters

Check out all the awesome blog ideas and let us know which one is your favorite! Do you have a super crafty creation? Share it with us! We’d love to see what you come up with using your Laura Kelly stationery products.

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Kathie Lee & Hoda Loved Their Hostess Gift

Well this has been an exciting week for Expressionery! We were featured on the ever so popular Kathie Lee and Hoda Today Show. Check out the clip below. (We’ve watched it about a 100 times!)

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The adorable Liliana Vasquez from Cheap Chicas Guide To Style featured stamps as the perfect hostess gift this holiday season. We think custom stamps are the perfect way to show your thanks to your hostess with the mostest! Liliana recommends buying the stamp with some simple & beautiful flat cards and voila! The perfect gift.

Expressionery on Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda

We love the idea of using custom stamps as gifts. Expressionery’s selection of custom stamps is so large, you’re bound to find something that you just have to have! (For you or your bestie!) For that extra added touch, take note from Liliana and add a beautiful set of personalized stationery.

Expressionery featured on Today Show

All in all, this was such an exciting week for Expressionery! Now get to shopping, the holidays are almost here and we’ve got great gifts for everyone!

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The Perfect Hostess Gift

Watch us on Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda Tune into Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda, tomorrow at 10 am to see a special segment on the Perfect Hostess Gift. Surprise, it will feature one of our favorites from on Expressionery. Hint- it might be the Stamp Gift Box…and it might be on sale! Be sure to watch tomorrow.

Give the gift of a personalized stamp without knowing your recipient’s address, monogram, or personal preferences!

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