Fall 2012 Trends

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Top Trends for Fall 2012

Top Trends for Fall 2012

The thermometer reads over 100 degrees here in beautiful New Braunfels, Texas, and you’d better believe that the gals on the Expressionery team are dreaming of cool, crisp Autumn weather these days. We’ve gathered a handful of hot (ha!) fall trends and ideas about incorporating them into your personal style!

Sophisticated textures are replacing summery linen, cotton and seersucker in the form of leather, fur and velvet. Designers are also adding a little sparkle to the darker colors winter brings with ornate gold brocade embroidery this season.

2012 Fall Fashion Textures

Adding these same rich textures into your wardrobe is easy and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it! Wrap a new leather belt around your favorite sweater or add a pair of velvet flats to your shoe collection. Modernize your winter coat from last season with a fur (faux or real) collar or add some of the designer-inspired golden glow to your basic black suit or dress with a statement necklace or beaded evening bag.

2012 Fall Fashion Accessories

Whether its suit pieces for work or playful prints for every day wear, pairing black and white is a classic combination and a popular fall trend this year.

2012 Fall Black and White Combinations

Adding the black and white trend into your personal style is simple. Mix the basics you already own and create this look without spending a dime. Dress up your little black dress with a white jacket for work or add a white cardi over your favorite black maxi dress from this summer! Layer a white statement necklace over your black basics and consider yourself a fall trend fashionista!

2012 Fall Fashion Black and White Accessories

Cooler temps mean bundling up and the trend for this season’s coat comes in many forms. From capes to military-inspired jackets to oversized silhouettes, you can find your favorite way to stay warm this winter.

2012 Fall Fashion Jackets

Typically, coats and outwear can be pricey, but incorporating a trendy style can be more affordable than you think. Look to your favorite clothing brands or even take a peek at the clothing aisles at your big box retail stores to find a signature coat that suits your personal style without spending a fortune.

Affordable Fall Jackets

The styles this fall are all about textured textiles, black and white contrasts and new inspiration and silhouettes for outerwear. Take notes from the runway and make them work for your personal style and budget. By simply pairing your basics in a new way or incorporating new textures to your ensemble with accessories, you can infuse the latest fall trends to your existing wardrobe. Try a trendy coat this season and shop a discount retailer to find designer-inspired styles without the high price tags. The dog days of summer are sure to cool off soon, and we can’t wait to showcase our favorite fall fashions. What fall trends inspire you?

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